LignInnovation is a project that began in January 2021. It´s purpose is to showcase lignin as the sustainable material it is and highlight Värmland and LignoCity’s testbed as the right place for the development of innovative products.

To strengthen the development, use and innovations linked to the forest-based material – lignin, the project aims to reach as many global idea bearers as possible. The ambition is to find new smart innovations with potential to become products ready for the market.

To do so it is important to attract innovators to Värmland and LignoCity in Bäckhammar to develop their ideas, build a pilot plant and eventually develop their business.

The project also has a focus on digitization.

Project name: LignInnovation

Project coordinator: RISE LignoDemo AB

Project participants: RISE, Paper Province and Närsam (Business collaboration in Kristinehamn)

Financier: European Regional Development Fund with support from several actors

End date: 2023-02-28


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