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A user’s browsing history can be seen/followed in a cookie, and Paper Province uses cookies to manage and adapt your visits to our online services, as well as to offer access to specially chosen sections of our online services.

Further down the page, you can read more about the different types of cookies we use on our website.

You can also read our data protection policy.


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Paper Province cookie policy

We use cookies to improve your online experience of Paper Province. Cookies help us to gather information about how visitors use and navigate our website. They also help us to keep statistics on the number of visitors.

Cookies are used for certain functions that improve our website for the user or provide us with statistics on how the website is used.
We do not use cookies to store any personal information. The statistics we gather cannot be traced to any person. We always use the information stored in cookies in a responsible manner.

Our aim is to continually improve your online experience of Paper Province. Cookies help to make our website a better, more seamless experience.

Third-party cookies

• Third-party cookies can originate from partners who provide functional web tools for our website, other websites on which we advertise and social networks.
• Third-party cookies often originate from advertisements on the website the user has requested.
In turn, these advertisements are retrieved from an external website. Third-party cookies are also created by web and traffic analysis providers used by the website to enable independent companies to measure and evaluate visitor numbers. These measurements are used to validate the website data provided to advertisers on the number of visitors, the amount of traffic, the target groups reached and the outcome of any campaigns.

Examples of third-party cookies:

• Sharing via social networks: If you share content from our website via social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, you may receive cookies from these websites.
• Advertising: Now and then, we advertise on other websites. These advertisements use third-party cookies to adapt and present advertisements of relevance to you.


The following scripts may be found on our website or our campaign pages.

Google Maps

Used to embed maps from Google Maps in our website.

Google Analytics

Used to gather information and usage statistics regarding our website. The cookies can also be used by Google to show more relevant advertisements in Google’s products and services.


Used to gather information and usage statistics regarding our website.