A meeting place for competence and knowledge

We bring over 100 companies together within the forestry value chains - from local suppliers to global giants. Being a part of our cluster provides an important, profitable and rewarding context.

Among Paper Province member companies there are thousands of people with different kinds of knowledge, skills and experience. Through meetings, venues, fairs and workshops, you will find new business partners, get inspired, share ideas and connect with new people. A strong network is beneficial for both jobseekers and recruiters.

A better world

In the Paper Province cluster, companies work together to achieve both shared and own goals.

Together we want our trees to contribute to the planet’s green changeover – it would be difficult to do business on a collapsed planet, to say the least.

Our member companies include all major machine suppliers, one quarter of Sweden’s pulp and paper mills, and a large number of small and medium-sized subcontractors. Nowhere else in the world there is as much expertise and knowledge in pulp, paper and packaging. Together we create a better world to live in.