Lignin plant accessible from all over the world

Thanks to a digitization of LignoCity, the test and development facility for the forest raw material lignin, geographical boundaries are a thing of the past. It is now possible to tour the plant from all over the world and at the same time get an insight into the fantastic world of lignin.

Lignin is the forest’s answer to future fossil-free solutions. It can be described as nature’s own adhesive; it binds fibers and gives strength. It is thanks to lignin that trees can grow over a hundred meters high.

Lignin is an underutilized material with grand potential, emerging on the market.

– It is a possible replacement for current fossil-based materials. We can see it being developed in several applications. For example, it can be used to replace plastic and as a binder in asphalt. Its properties make it possible to use in flame retardants, barriers and spun carbon fiber, says Maria Ölmhult, Project Manager at RISE and LignoCity.

Supports product development

LignoCity is an open test and development environment. It is a physical place that welcomes anyone who wants to develop ideas and products related to lignin. Anyone, from researchers, product and business developers to students can gather at LignoCity.

– Above all, we want to attract ideas that we can support in developing.

LignoCity is located next to the paper and pulp mill Nordic Paper, Kristinehamn, Sweden, right in the heart of the forest industry where expertise, raw materials and contact networks are available.

– Paper Province is one of several actors that actively work to support the test facility and the use of lignin. We are happy to be a part of developing LignoCity, says Sandra Sundbäck, CEO of Paper Province.

International reach

To make the offer available for as many as possible, LignoCity has developed a digital tour. That means that it no longer matters where in the world you are, everyone can visit the pilot plant.

– Being able to offer this feels very good, not least in the situation everyone is in now, where digital tools of communication are used to the maximum. We can meet in digital meetings and now also show our facility without anyone having to travel here. This way, we will hopefully attract more people. Although everyone can meet and visit us digitally, our hope is still that overseas innovators will see the benefits of physically relocating to Sweden, says Maria Ölmhult.

Take a tour.


Malin Hildén

Communications Officer

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