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An exciting new way of producing biomass is being scaled up

9 October, 2020

The innovative London-based company Lixea has a new and revolutionary method of separating different types of biomass. Recently, the European Union has granted Lixea SEK 25 million to build and develop a pilot plant in Bäckhammar, Sweden to scale up the process. “We are very excited about building our pilot plant in Bäckhammar. The synergies with…

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High-Performance Lignin Challenge

22 June, 2020

Canadian CRIBE and Nextfor is challenging companies to participate in an international competition for the commercialization of lignin – a woodbased material that can be used for a variety of biological products. The vinners will recive a spot in a million dollar project. Throughout the Canadian forest sector, Lignin has traditionally been treated as low-quality,…

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Forest material can be used as UV and fire protection

20 April, 2020

Lignin is a unique material found in all trees and plants; it possesses many properties. In addition to being used for green carbon fibre, biofuels and as a binder in a variety of products, it also has properties such as UV and fire protection. “What makes lignin unique is that the molecule has a variety…

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Unique meetings ensure future competence

18 December, 2019

Two times a year, Swedish engineer students and the forest industry get a unique opportunity to meet. By inviting students to prominent workplaces, they get a glimpse of possible careers in a growing branch in search of new skills. And it is effective: the study trip leaves 95% interested in working in the industry. As…

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