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Paper Province and the regional forest bioeconomy get noticed on Portuguese television

3 May, 2021

From Lisbon to Stockholm. This is the name of the program series on the Portuguese TV channel RTP, which draws attention to the power of innovation in Värmland through, among others, Paper Province, LignoCity and The Wood Region. The interviews with Maria Ölmhult, project manager for LignoCity, Paul Nemes, vice president at Paper Province, Gunnar…

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Taigatech uses artificial intelligence to track logs

19 March, 2021

Taigatech has developed a unique technology that, in a cost-effective and time-efficient way, can recognize a log with the help of artificial intelligence, which makes it possible to recover more timber per sawn log. The company now becomes a member of Paper Province. Taigatech has developed a recognition technology that works much like Face-ID on…

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Paper Province supports research on cross-laminated timber

18 December, 2020

Researcher Johan Vessby at Karlstad University has received a grant from Paper Province to investigate areas of use for residual products of cross-laminated timber to develop industrial timber construction. In Sweden, there is plenty of access to wood raw materials and extensive experience of timber construction. Building with wood has many environmental benefits. It is a…

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Biohydrogen created from purification water at the mills

2 December, 2020

Exciting experiments in progress! Organic pollutants in the wastewater of a pulp and paper mill can be converted into climate-friendly hydrogen gas. “This is a real win-win situation for the mills and the environment. I am proud that we have taken this from lab to pilot scale,” says Sudhanshu Pawar. Sudhanshu Pawar is a researcher…

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Corona helped UMV find new ways

11 November, 2020

UMV Coating Systems is thriving. The business has grown with new machinery and products, and the company recently won a large order from Stora Enso. UMV’s pilot machine is used by customers from all over the world. In March, however, it did not look as hopeful. UMV Coating Systems in Säffle, Sweden, has a pilot…

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Stora Enso launches formed fiber food service bowls to replace plastics

29 October, 2020

Stora Enso is introducing new eco-friendly take-away bowls for food service packaging, PureFiber™ by Stora Enso. The products are designed to help customers replace plastic on-the-go food packaging. The bowls are being brought to market together with the wholesale company Tingstad. Stora Enso’s formed fiber products are designed for circularity, meaning that they are renewable,…

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An exciting new way of producing biomass is being scaled up

9 October, 2020

The innovative London-based company Lixea has a new and revolutionary method of separating different types of biomass. Recently, the European Union has granted Lixea SEK 25 million to build and develop a pilot plant in Bäckhammar, Sweden to scale up the process. “We are very excited about building our pilot plant in Bäckhammar. The synergies with…

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Arboair is the winner of the innovation competition What Wood You Do

27 September, 2020

On September 24, the final of the international innovation competition “What Wood You Do”, was decided in Karlstad. The winner was Arboair, which uses drones, colour shift analysis and artificial intelligence to scan the forest for infected or stressed trees. Bark beetle infested trees are one of the most costly and fastest growing problems in…

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Competition finalist SilviBio’s seed capsule increases the germination rate of conifers

22 September, 2020

SilviBio is the sixth finalist in the innovation competition What Wood You Do. They have invented a bio-based survival capsule for tree seedlings that boosts the germination by up to 40 percent. On Thursday, September 24, they will pitch their idea to the jury with a chance to win EUR 25,000. The need to grow…

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Wooden tower set to reduce carbon dioxide footprint from future wind turbines

21 September, 2020

Vattenfall and Modvion have entered into collaboration on using wooden towers for onshore wind turbines, a venture expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing by at least 25 percent. Vattenfall will be assessing Modvion’s wooden tower for potential use in future wind farms. “During their life cycles, Vattenfall’s wind turbines already have very low…

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