Wood Tube – one of six finalists in the “What Wood You Do?” competition

In March, Paper Province announced an international competition focusing on ideas that strengthen and develop the forest-based bioeconomy. After 50 impressive entries, the jury has now selected six finalists who have a chance to win EUR 25,000 on September 24th. We proudly present the first finalist – Wood Tube.

Wood Tube has patented a technology for manufacturing strong but light paper studs that are cheaper and have 14 times less carbon dioxide emissions than metal studs, traditionally used when building interior walls. The unique product improves the carpenters’ working environment, saves money for construction companies and reduces environmental impact of production and disposal of studs. An excellent way to increase the value of forest products and a well-deserved place in the What wood you do final.

Hi Tobias Söderbom Olsson, Project Manager at Wood Tube. How does it feel to be in the final?

“We are very happy to get the chance and are looking forward to the competition. For us, it feels extra exciting since this competition focuses on bioeconomy and the forest – the very main idea of our product.”

How will you pitch for the jury on September 24?

“We have a presentation where we explain what problems exist today and what benefits our product brings. In a larger perspective, where we talk about benefits for the climate. But also the benefits for those who actually build with the material itself.”

How will you use the money if you win?

“We will expand our marketing efforts so that we can launch the product faster, because that is when we start to make a real difference.”

Join the final

We wish Wood Tube best of luck in the final, which will be broadcast online, live from Värmland Museum in Karlstad on 24 September. Of course, we want you to join and listen to Wood Tube’s and the other finalists’ pitches. A unique opportunity to interact with the finalists and the jury and learn more about each competing innovations. Register and participate online at whatwoodyoudo.eu/thefinal.

Curious about the other finalists? We are publishing articles about them too. Read them here:

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Arboair – rapidly scanning and mapping forests with artificial intelligence

Biosorbe – purifies water and air from oil and bacteria

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About the competition

Paper Province announces the competition together with Gunnar Sundblad’s Research Fund, Stora Enso and Sveaskog. The winner will receive EUR 25,000 to develop their idea and a possible place in the Sting Bioeconomy start-up incubator. Second to fifth place are rewarded with EUR 2,500 each. Read more about the six finalists and the competition here: www.whatwoodyoudo.eu


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