Valmet to supply heat recovery steam generator for LKAB in Sweden

Valmet will supply a heat recovery steam generator to LKAB’s Svappavaara mining area in northern Sweden. The value of the order is nearly EUR 10 million. The order is included in Valmet’s first quarter 2014 orders received.  Valmet’s EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) delivery will cover the heat recovery system including all the process equipment, such as water treatment, feed water system, heat exchangers, pumps and instruments as well as installation and commissioning. The equipment will be delivered in September 2014, and the mechanical installation will be ready in March 2015.
The main task of the heat recovery steam generator is to cool down the process gases from Svappavaara’s iron ore pelletizing plant. The cooling is necessary for the flue gas cleaning downstream to operate. For this reason high reliability and availability provided by Valmet’s technology are particularly important for successful ore processing. The recovered heat is utilized in the local district heating network. The heat recovery steam generator gives also LKAB the possibility to install a steam turbine for electricity production in the future.
“LKAB has shown confidence in our capabilities to meet their demands by awarding the contract to Valmet. We delivered a similar boiler to LKAB in Kiruna in 2008,” says Mikael Barkar, Director, Sales, Pulp and Energy business line, Valmet.


The heat recovery steam generator at Svappavaara will cool the process gases from the iron ore pelletizing plant from 320-400 degrees Celcius down to 140 degrees Celcius, which is the temperature needed at the flue gas cleaning plant downstream.
The boiler will generate 28 megawatts (MW) of steam at two pressure levels, approximately at 2.5 and 15 bar. The steam is condensed in a hot water condenser, and the heat is utilized in district heating. Alternatively the heat can be used in the industrial water network. All critical systems are redundant to ensure the high availability.
Ore processing in Svappavaara takes place in the form of concentration and pellets production. Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB (LKAB) is a high-tech international minerals group, a world-leading producer of processed iron ore products for steelmaking, and a growing supplier of mineral products for other industrial sectors. It is owned by the Swedish government. More information on LKAB at