Utvecklingen av biobränsle tas till nästa nivå

SkyNRG and partners take the development of sustainable jet fuel in Sweden to the next level. Amsterdam, July 28, 2015 – Things are coming together for sustainable jet fuel in Sweden; cofunding mechanisms, political buy-in, development of regional supply chains, engagement of key stakeholders in the aviation sector and even involvement of single end-users.  First of all the Fly Green Fund was announced during Almedalen, the annual political week in Sweden. Founders are Karlstad Airport, SkyNRG and the Nordic Initiative on Sustainable Aviation (NISA) and launching partners are Swedavia, SAS, Braathens, KLM and EFS European Flight Service (a leading Scandinavian business aviation company). The Fund is the first of its kind in the world and enables organisations and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, by flying on sustainable jet fuel. Its main focus is to secure the necessary funding to increase the demand for sustainable jet fuel in the Nordics.
In the same week, SAS and Braathens operated flights (supported by Swedavia and arranged by Air BP and SkyNRG) on sustainable jet fuel, offering the Almedalen visitors (key politicians, business leaders and NGOs) truly sustainable air transport. It was the first time that individual travelers were given the opportunity to buy their personal ‘biofuel-ticket’ and contribute to sustainable flying.
To secure regional supply in the future, SkyNRG initiated Project Fiber Jet, supported by Climate KIC. Current partners are The Paper Province, SP Processum and research institutes Imperial College London and Utrecht University. Since 2014, discussions with forestry and paper-pulp players are ongoing to enable sustainable jet fuel production in Sweden in the most efficient way.
“Together with our partners we have worked hard to get this far and we now have the basis and momentum to quickly move forward. We are proud to work with, and have support of, organisations and individuals that are just as committed as we are to make sustainable jet fuel a reality in Sweden,” says Maarten van Dijk, CEO SkyNRG.

About SkyNRG

SkyNRG is the global market leader for sustainable jet fuel, having supplied more than 20 airlines worldwide. We source, blend and distribute sustainable jet fuel, we guarantee sustainability throughout the supply chain and help to co-fund the premium. At the same time we focus on developing regional supply chains that offer a real sustainable and affordable alternative to fossil fuels. www.skynrg.com

About Fly Green Fund

The Fly Green Fund is a Nordic initiative founded by SkyNRG, NISA and Karlstad Airport, that enables organisations and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint by flying on sustainable jet fuel. It aims to secure the necessary funding to kick-start the market for sustainable jet fuel in the Nordics, by creating demand and at the same time supporting the development of production capacity from locally available feedstock. The Fly Green Fund is now operational and invites airlines and corporations to join and operate (part of) their flights on sustainable jet fuel. http://www.flygreenfund.se