Researcher from Innventia appointed adjunct professor at Karlstad University

Peter Rättö has recently been appointed adjunct professor at Karlstad University. The professorship strengthens Innventia’s work on coating research at pilot scale, which supplements our research within barriers. A recruitment committee at Karlstad University made the decision to confirm Peter’s candidature and on 1 October he took up his post as adjunct professor within chemical engineering.

Under the leadership of professor Lars Järnström, Karlstad University has well-developed research activities within barrier coating which supplements Innventia’s own barrier research. The university also has a good partnership with UMW Coating, a machine manufacturer for coating equipment, which has a pilot coater.

“Innventia needs to pursue coating research on a pilot scale, and now we have the opportunity to supplement our research within barriers in a very nice way,” says Peter Rättö.

Peter will spend 20% of his time as a professor at Karlstad University, which involves teaching, supervising doctoral students and on an active research programme at the university.

“We are pleased to have closer cooperation with the university. It means that we have better opportunities to cooperate within research, both in terms of conducting it and future research applications. Some of our biggest customers also have significant activities in the region, which will help to strengthen coordination within research,” says Peter.

The professorship is financed by the Knowledge Foundation and Karlstad University.