Webinar: Is there a shortage of bioplastics?
Datum: 30/9

Webinar: Is there a shortage of bioplastics?

Right now, there seems to be a shortage of most things in the supply chains. Plastic is an excellent example of this. But what does it look like for the bioplastics?

Today’s keynote speaker, Gunilla Laakso from Walki, provides a picture of both bio-based/partially bio-based plastics and biodegradable/compostable plastics as well as non-degradable – but she will also set these against fossil plastics.

In addition, Holmen Iggesund presents a new, exciting barrier material and AGRANA Staerke GmbH describes starch as a raw material for bioplastics.

This webinar is arranged by Nordisk Bioplastförening. Read more an register here.

WHEN: 30 September, 15.00 – 16.00
WHERE: Online

This event is free of charge.