Lignocity – the cradle of bioeconomy

Lignocity is an open testbed where companies can develop and scale up technology that refines lignin into new climate friendly fuels, chemicals and materials. The faciliti is located in Bäckhammar and the project was started on february 8, 2016. Lignin is the second most common biological material in the world. As a raw material it would be a green replacement of fossil oil, since lignin can be refined into fuels, plastics, carbon fibres and hundreds of other substances and materials.
With this said, lignin could be the most important raw material in the future bioeconomy. But to get there would require a lot of development, and for that you need facilities for researching, demonstrating and scaling up technology, and that is exactly what Lignocity is.

The project is run by Innventia, Nordic Paper and Paper Province, with support from the municipality of Kristinehamn, the Swedish innovation agency, Vinnova and 18 companies.

If you have the need to use the Lignocity facility to develop something out of lignin, don’t hesitate to contact us.