Kemist för forskning och utveckling

Lixea, som inriktar sig på bioraffinering, söker just nu en kemist som vill stärka deras FoU- och ingenjörsteam i utvecklingen av deras nya kemiska process.

In search of a Chemist

We are seeking a Chemist to join and support our R&D and engineering team in the development of our novel chemical process, which uses ionic liquids to fractionate wood biomass. The technology was originally developed at Imperial College London (UK) and is now being commercialised by Lixea, a British and Swedish SME with a focus on biorefining, at our pilot plant facility in Bäckhammar, Sweden.

By joining the team, you will work in a fast-paced R&D environment alongside our pilot plant operators and the engineering and commercial teams. You will also get first-hand experience of research and development work in biorefining, joining the fight for a more sustainable future.

Key responsibilities

• Work with the pilot plant operation team and carry out laboratory analyses on different process stream and product samples using equipment in our own labs in Bäckhammar
• Occasionally carry out analyses at other laboratories, such as nearby universities and partner organisations with additional equipment
• Handle sample preparation, packaging and shipping where samples need to be sent off for analysis at external laboratories, including liaising with the shipping company
• Manage the appropriate storage of samples in the lab
• Process, analyse and store data resulting from the various laboratory analyses
• Report results to the rest of the technical team, including through Excel graphics and PowerPoint presentations as well as written reports for internal and external use
• Design and conduct laboratory experiments as needed for problem-solving at the pilot plant. This may include but is not limited to running small-scale biomass fractionation experiments and corrosion experiments
• Carry out risk assessments and develop standard operating procedures for new activities
• Manage the laboratory, including managing a small budget for lab consumables, maintenance of lab equipment, purchasing of lab consumables, installation of new equipment, managing lab waste disposal. In addition to these functions, employees are required to carry out such other duties as may reasonably be required.

Qualifications and skills

• First degree (or equivalent) in Chemistry or a closely related discipline
• Proven experience in a laboratory environment and experience in following laboratory protocols
• Desired skills and knowledge includes:
– Working with lignocellulosic biomass
– Biorefining
– Ionic liquids
– Various analytical techniques
– Materials chemistry
• Have a high level of self-motivation
• Ability to effectively plan and organise work, allowing you to work on multiple projects in parallel
• Flexibility, cooperative approach and the ability to work independently as well as in teams
• Ability to produce clear written reports
• Willingness to learn a broad range of new techniques, follow laboratory protocols and keep accurate and complete records of all your findings
• Have excellent communication skills in English and Swedish
• Ability to engage with other team members who work remotely using online meeting tools and file sharing systems

Job Title: Research and Development Chemist
Location: Bäckhammar, Kristinehamn, Sweden
Start date: Available now
Working Hours: Full-time
To apply: Send your CV and cover letter to by 16 September 2022