Paper Province & The Global Goals

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development are a collection of goals set by the United Nations General Assembly - an agenda for guiding the world towards more sustainable development. With its 17 goals and 169 targets, The Global Goals involves almost 200 countries, includinig Sweden and Paper Province.

For Paper Province and the forest industry, The Global Goals’ objectives are highly relevant. The bio-economy will benefit if more people are working towards a more sustainable society. The Global Goals help all of us to speed up, to put more money and resources into developing renewable materials to replace the fossil ones. In this shift, the forest is a goldmine. A great asset with great opportunities. And this is where we can make a difference.

Our participation to achieve the agenda in the year 2030, means that we are focusing on four targets: 8, 9 and 12 are our primary targets, while target 5 serves as a horizontal goal in all our activities.

    • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth are crucial to the transition to a forestry bio-economy – lasting, inclusive and sustainable.
    • Goal 9: A sustainable industry, innovation and infrastructure are about the competitiveness of the forest industry in the region, spreading sustainable innovative technologies and taking market share.
    • Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production. For Paper Province, the main focus is to create new products where the forest bio-economy replaces fossil raw materials. To create greater elements of circular economy in order to reduce waste in this way.
    • Goal 5: Gender equality. The forest industry is a dominated industry, which needs to be changed. Not least because it has a direct and indirect impact on the long-term competitiveness and innovation capacity of the forest industry. (Objective 5 serves as a horizontal goal in all our operations.)