We shape the future together

The screen you read this upon, could have been made from wood. When is that dream coming true? We help our member companies to explore, develop and realize new opportunities.

It’s been known for a long time that wood can be used to replace fossil oil. We know that fuel, plastics and fabrics can be made of renewable raw material from the forest – but what innovations are left to discover? We support projects that take advantage of the opportunities brought to us by forest and that contribute to a sustainable future.

From a good idea to a good deal

We help people and businesses to realize ideas. Do you need help developing a product, applying for funding or finding new business partners? We connect you with the right people, whether you are an innovator, entrepreneur or financier.

Some examples of how we approach our innovation focus:

Business development through service innovation

A seminar series that teaches methods and tools for business development through service innovation. This creates greater value for your customer, allowing you to deepen the relationship with your customer and to make your business indispensable. So far, we have arranged this series three times. It is led by prominent researchers from the Centre of Service Research at the University of Karlstad and two senior business coaches.

The purpose of this seminar series is to help companies strengthen their competitiveness by increasing their product values. The goal is to develop business models that provide increased revenue, without having to invest in new production equipment. The participants are also given tools to continue developing their work after the last seminar is completed.

Funding for innovators in early phases

It takes time to innovate. Innovators around the world are trying to figure out if investing in their next idea is worth the risk, and this makes the innovation process unnecessarily slow. In this project, we want to help people with ideas considerably speed up the process by bearing some of the financial risk in an early phase.

Through our network, you can find the right people and skills and shorten your innovation journey with years. These are examples of what we can help funding:

• Produce evidence to show the idea meets a need
• Validate the function and performance of the idea
• Examine the competitive situation
• Visit potential customers and partners
• Assess the commercialization potential
• Develop strategies for management of intangible assets
• Activities aimed at initiating partnerships of various kinds (e.g. matchmaking)

Borrow a professor

If you don't have research and development resources of your own, this offer is a unique opportunity. In this collaboration, we are able to connect you with a professor at the University of Karlstad. And of course, we make sure that it is the right person with the right skills for your project. In addition the knowledge of the professors, you can get access to measuring equipment and much more to conduct tests and analyses. This offer has been utilized by several companies and produced many positive results. The service is completely free of charge.

Funding for new innovations

New innovations are the starting point for our vision of a society free from fossil raw materials. Paper Province can assist you in the innovation process, and also help funding.

Every year, we provide funding to highlight innovations in Värmland and the surrounding area. Thanks to Vinnväxt and other co-financiers, we can support the forest industry in Värmland.

To take part of these funds, you need at least two companies to support your application, and your idea must have the potential of being commercialized. The Swedish Innovation Council meets four to six times a year and evaluate the potential of ideas submitted. During the evaluation, they decide which projects are worth investing in.