We bring the forest into the future

By using the forest, we are able to create a fossil-free society. And Paper Province is here to make this shift possible.

Paper Province is a world-leading business cluster within the forest bio-economy. We are owned and operated by more than 100 member companies. Based in Karlstad, we operate in Värmland and the surrounding area. By working together towards sustainable development, and striving to achieve The Global Goals, we are making a decisive contribution to society. Read more about our take on The Global Goals here.

Unique Opportunities

Our region is rich in forests – and we have learned to make use of it. The availability of raw materials, combined with long experience and strong innovative power, gives us a unique position globally. In the necessary shift to a fossil-free society, we have the opportunity to take the lead. The forest actually belongs to the future. And we are here to bring it there.

Our business revolves around four strategic areas:

Innovation and development

We will help your innovation work to take the raw materials from the forrest to the next level. Today, fabrics are made of wood, but what will be next? New innovations and innovative products makes all the difference to how we imagine the future. A future where the forest replaces fossil raw materials.

Secure the supply of a skilled work force

As greenhouse gas emissions degrade our environment, the need for operators securing a sustainable society is growing. Therefore, we are actively working to develop new expertise in the forest industry. The forest is the future and the importance of students who are interested in the industry is significant. New knowledge and new perspectives are always important for development.


Our network extends far beyond the borders of Sweden. Our work is not just for us, here in the north, but contributes to a sustainable future for everyone. We are actively working to connect with foreign organisations. In this way, our message is spread globally, and we learn more about the world around us.

Regional mobilization

In Värmland and the surrounding area work together to contribute to a sustainable future. Among our members you will find bio-energy suppliers, packaging companies and many more. And we all share the same goal: To create a sustainable future using raw materials from the forest.