WSP wants to build a sustainable society

Since the end of April, WSP has been a new member company at Paper Province. This is largely the merit of environmental consultant Marina Kristiansson. She believes that a Paper Province membership is a good way to gain knowledge and disseminate it effectively.

At WSP, Marina Kristiansson gets the best out of her many years of experience. She is the engineer who took a job in the mining industry to eventually start her own company Ecostrate. She is now back as an employee and has recently taken up a position as a consultant at WSP.

– What surprises me is that I, who have talked so much about the environment in the past, have completely different muscles now that I represent a strong organization. It’s fun and really fits in with our goal of being Sweden’s sharpest consultant, ”she says.

Courage, passion and respect

WSP’s motto is to be ready for the future through courage, passion and respect. The company wants to build a society with global values ​​in focus. The global goals are described as the most ambitious sustainable development agenda the world countries have ever adopted, and for Marina it is one of the WSP’s strengths.

– The unit I work at, Environmental Management, plans to grow further. We really belong to Örebro, but we have expanded to Karlstad, which is to some extent actually Paper Province deserved, with the cohesive work that the cluster does, ”she says.

Forty offices in Sweden

Together, WSP is one of the world’s leading analysis and technology consulting companies. The company has almost 50,000 employees globally, of which 4,200 in Sweden. In Sweden, WSP has forty offices, headquartered in Stockholm. At the global level, the headquarters are in Montreal and the company has several offices in North and South America, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Oceania. Of the 50,000 employees, a total of 6,500 are environmental consultants.

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