Research helps us into the future

Research may not always make you think of what is new and fresh. But the fact is that is exactly what it is.

Without researchers, our work would not be possible. We work closely with Karlstad University’s research department. Join us in an exciting visit to the research lab and meet researchers and professors who know what they are talking about. Get an insight into what today’s research can result in for groundbreaking, climate smart and bioeconomic innovations. The collaboration with Karlstad University leads to fantastic opportunities.

Research explained

The films below (in Swedish) show the breadth of research. Have a look and you will find out more about the future of the paper, bioeconomy, residual water, packaging and food waste and what much you can actually make from a tree.

What is bioeconomy?

Where does the wastewater go?

Which packaging creates the least food waste?

The future of paper

Which cupcake do you choose?

What can you make from trees?

Which material is most environmentally friendly?