Swedish 3D technology can revolutionize the boat industry

A unique boat trip has just begun in collaboration with the Bioinno project and the test facility The Wood Region in Sysslebäck, Sweden. Göran Brandt, entrepreneur and sailing enthusiast, has, uses 3D technology to print a 7.5 meter long part for a brand new type of sailing boat. Something that can revolutionize the boat industry.

“With this technology, it only takes two to three days to make the so-called plug which is the first part of boat production. With traditional methods it takes almost as many months”, says Göran Brandt, CEO of Inshore Sweden.

This February, the boat was printed on a scale of 1: 5 at The Wood Region in Sysslebäck. The test facility is run by several actors within the Bioinno project, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund

It is not only the manufacturing method that is unique. Göran Brandt has also developed a whole new type of hull. Sting Bioeconomy, the County Administrative Board, Paper Province, Almi and local entrepreneurs have in various ways been supporting the road towards full-scale boat production.

“I have received tremendous support and assistance. This has contributed to a rapid process and I hope to be able to test the boat in Lake Fryken as early as this fall”, says Göran Brandt.

Made of wood composite

The plans for Inshore Sweden do not end there. Göran Brandt already has plans for more types of boats in 3D technology, which in the long term will obviously be made of wood composite, manufactured in the region of Värmland. Before the plans are implemented, the sailing boat named Inshore 24 must be completed. All parts of the production chain to produce a complete boat are in the region.

“There are many good suppliers here and it is great fun that we can do everything on site in Värmland”, says Göran Brandt.