Värmland and Dalarna are investing in increased wood construction

Värmland and Dalarna will build more and larger wooden buildings. With the help of SEK 16 million, a new large EU-funded project will give a positive push towards new businesses and positive climate effects.

The good news arrived just in time for Christmas.: Paper Province and three other actors receive SEK 16 million from the European Regional Development Fund, the local regions, municipalities, and private companies, to work for increased industrial wood construction.

“In Värmland and Dalarna, we want to become better at building large buildings in wood and through our new project Indbygg we can take a step in the right direction”, says Helene Vogelmann, innovation strategist at Region Värmland.

The purpose of the project is primarily to increase the competence of public and private actors on how to build large wooden buildings. There is too little knowledge about the benefits of building really large projects in wood and it needs to be strengthened, says Gunnar Hellerström, project manager, at Paper Province.

Another purpose is to strengthen the cooperation between local companies within the wood construction sector and together form a strong competence node.

An effort for the climate

“There are many reasons to use wood as a building material. It grows close to us, is renewable and binds carbon dioxide. And studies show that humans feel good in wooden houses because it is an organic material”, says Gunnar Hellerström.

“Paper Province works to develop the forest-based bioeconomy and to build more in wood is one of the most important efforts we can make for the climate. Therefore, it feels natural that Paper Province goes in this direction together with strong public actors. Of course we can build more in wood here in Värmland, and then this is where we should start”, says Maria Hollander, CEO, Paper Province.

On February 6-7, 2020, the Tree2Tower conference will be held in Karlstad. You are very welcome to participate in it to learn more about wood construction and the creation of a wood construction hub in Värmland and Dalarna.