Triple Gold for Paper Province

Once again, Paper Province has demonstrated its status as a global leader among cluster organisations. For the third time, the Swedish bioeconomy cluster has attained the highest level of the EU’s quality certification, affirming its position as a Gold Label cluster.

“Receiving the certificate for the third time is truly a fantastic achievement. It not only establishes our position as a top-tier cluster organisation globally, but also underscores our commitment to continuous improvement,” remarks Paul Nemes, Deputy CEO of Paper Province.

Currently, Paper Province is the only organisation in Sweden holding an active gold certificate, and one of a total of 62 Gold Label clusters globally.

The Cluster Organisation Management Excellence Label Gold, as it is formally known, is an international certification established by the European Commission. Attaining gold status means meeting rigorous criteria encompassing cluster development, quality, leadership, strategy, visibility, financing, and collaboration.

A Driving Force for the Bioeconomy

To qualify, Paper Province underwent an evaluation by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA), a network of cluster experts. ESCA’s assessment underscores Paper Province as a pivotal driver for the forest-based bioeconomy, with potential to significantly contribute to a more sustainable future.

Paper Province received the Gold Label for the first time in 2018, was certified again in 2020, and has since continued to develop and improve as a cluster organisation, enabling recertification once again. This process demands tangible progress that not only benefits the organisation but also the industries and ecosystem it represents.

“We have demonstrated our strategic and systematic approach in leading initiatives that foster sustainable transformation through various means, including collaborative projects, events, communications, and innovation support,” explains Gry Lenschow Andersen, Project Manager at Paper Province and the coordinator of the certification process.

A Source of Regional Pride

Dag Hallén

The attainment of the Gold Label is not only a source of pride for Paper Province and its 130 member companies but also a testament to the collaborative efforts of various stakeholders in the region, where Paper Province serves as a central hub for the bioeconomy.

Recognizing the forest-based bioeconomy as a cornerstone of regional strength, the regional council (Region Värmland), as well as the national innovation agency Vinnova, has prioritized its development. Therefore, the Gold Label serves as more than just recognition; it symbolizes a commitment to excellence for all involved in developing the forest-based bioeconomy in and around the region.

“In our regional development strategy, we envision a sustainable Värmland that can change the world. Central to this vision is maximizing the value derived from our forests. By fostering collaboration, we aspire to lead the way in green transition initiatives. The Gold Label reaffirms our progress towards realizing this vision,” says Dag Hallén, Bioeconomy Strategist at Region Värmland.