Solutions for forest inventory and monitoring

The ROSEWOOD4.0 network and project starts the year by taking a look at innovative solutions for forest inventory and monitoring.

Paper Province is an active partner in the ROSEWOOD4.0 network, a project that harnesses the most innovative digital solutions in forestry and drives knowledge transfer to connect multiple actors along the forest value chain with the aim of strengthening the sustainability of wood mobilisation, forest management and the wood industry in Europe.

Every month, the European-wide network presents a selection of digital applications and best practices collected in the Knowledge Platform for Regional Forest Innovation to offer forestry and wood industry stakeholders more opportunities to improve and modernise their activities and make them more sustainable and efficient. January’s choice is all about solutions for forest inventory and monitoring.

ForestHQ – Online system to manage land, inventories and operations

Country: Ireland

ForestHQ is an innovative system that supports the management of forest operations and processes. This system includes tools for land management, data collection, data analysis, timber valuation and activity management. This platform adds value to data and improves information access and sharing and currently includes several modules: Forest inventory, valuation and carbon MRV; remote harvest monitoring; and land management.

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Trestima is an innovative technology for forest inventor

TRESTIMA – Forest Inventory System

Country: Finland

TRESTIMA is a new and innovative technology for forest inventory. By taking photos with a mobile application in the measured forest, the system calculates the result in minutes and automatically recognises tree species and calculates forest variables such as basal area, stem count, volume, mean diameter and height. The TRESTIMA forest inventory system adds accuracy, speed, flexibility and objectivity to forest measurement.

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MOTI – Mobile Timber Cruise

Country: Switzerland

MOTI is an Android and iOS application, free to use, specifically designed for forest inventory. MOTI allows forestry professionals to capture in an easy, cost effective and reliable manner the key dendrometric variables such as basal area, number of trees per hectare, tree height and stock in a specific plot. MOTI thus provides the solid basis for decision making directly in the forest. The user interface is available in German, French, Italian and English.

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ForestMap – Online platform for calculating forest inventories

Country: Spain

ForestMap is an online platform, developed by Agresta, that calculates forest inventories based on remote sensing technologies such as LiDAR and Sentinel 2. ForestMap offers detailed forest inventory reports and provides information such as the wood stock in a forest plot and other key decision-making data that you can easily request from your computer.

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