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An important part of our work, is to help secure a qualified workforce. In order to continue being successful, our member companies depend on being able to recruit properly educated staff members. This is why we engage in Teknikcollege Värmland.

Teknikcollege is a network of competence centres where companies collaborate with municipalities and education providers, in order to secure the quality in technology oriented courses at different levels. Courses at Teknikcollege are quality assured on the basis of eight criteria. The companies of a region play a key role in shaping the structure of the courses, as well as designing their actual content.

For students, Teknikcollege offers attractive vocational education and training which can lead directly to a job on the completion of studies, or provide a good basis for further studies (e.g. various engineering courses). For companies, Teknikcollege help secure the needs of skilled workers within industrial companies. For society, the collaboration with other municipalities and different education and training providers, guarantees effective use of resources as far as municipalities are concerned.

Project name

Teknikcollege Värmland

Certified schools

Taserudsgymnasiet, Solbergagymnasiet, Eda Teknikcenter, Älvstrandsgymnasiet, Älvkullegymnasiet, Karlstad Teknikcenter, Presterudsgymnasiet, Brogårdsgymnasiet, SG/Broby, Broby Grafiska, Herrgårdsgymnasiet