Labor Market Knowledge

Employers today have great employment needs, yet many young people are without a job. The mismatch is a common problem, but we think we can solve it. Together. With Labor Market knowledge in the classrooms, we are building a stronger Värmland.

The project is run by the Chamber of Commerce in Värmland with support from Region Värmland. Actors from the business community, such as Paper Province and a wide range of companies, are also project partners.

In addition to the fact that we and the companies are involved in financing the investment, we also have the opportunity to attend the lectures to talk about how our industry is changing and what skills and qualities that are valued.

In three years, 21,000 pupils in Värmland and Åmål, from grade 7 in elementary school to grade 3 in high school, will receive inspirational lectures on future jobs and opportunities. Why we work, how jobs change and how education and the right attitude leads to an attractive job and future.

Read more about the project on the Chamber of Commerce in Värmland’s website >

Project name

Arbetsmarknadskunskap i Värmland/Åmål

Project coordinator

The chamber of commerce in Värmland


Region Värmland and 44 companies and organizations

Annica Åman

Communications Manager and Team Leader

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