IndBygg - Industrial Wood Construction

Developing the forest-based bioeconomy and building more with wood as a material is necessary in order to achieve the climate goals.

The modern construction industry uses large amounts of fossil materials. This is despite the fact that we have a climate-smart raw material growing all around us in the Nordic countries – the forest.

Wood is the only renewable building material that also binds carbon dioxide.

The IndBygg project aims to increase the competence regarding how to build large wooden buildings in a sustainable way.

Climate-smart way to go

In Värmland and Dalarna, there are plenty of companies with the potential to work with wood as a construction material, and public buyers who want to choose the climate-smart route. Add to that that the material is beautiful and that humans feel positive effects when working and living in wooden buildings.

Industry cooperation

This is why the EU-funded project IndBygg started in January 2020. The initiative will increase the industry’s competence regarding industrial wood construction and promote cooperation. By collaborating, new ideas and solutions are created, which in turn lead to climate-smart businesses and buildings.

Värmland and Dalarna

IndBygg gathers expertise and participants from the regions Värmland and Dalarna. An expert network for industrial wood construction is being founded, a knowledge and collaboration platform that will develop and strengthen the competitiveness of the industry.

Sustainable future

The vision is to make Värmland and Dalarna the leading regions in forest bioeconomy where wood is used as the main material in the construction industry. IndBygg is led by Paper Province in collaboration with IUC Dalarna, Karlstad University and Region Värmland.

Project name: IndBygg – Industrial Wood Construction

Project coordinator: Paper Province

Financiers: European Regional Development Fund, Region Värmland, Region Dalarna, IUC Dalarna, Karlstad University, Stora Enso, Byggdialog AB and several municipalities.

Project time:  2020-2023

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