Attraction Värmland

Attraction Värmland explores the status of gender equality and skills supply in the region of Värmland. This is done in collaboration companies, cluster organisations and municipalities, that aim to discover keys that create attractive workplaces.

The project is managed by Region Värmland, and the main purpose is to contribute to a stronger labor market in Värmland. The region, clusters, municipalities, and the business community work together to create tools that enables a more equal recruitment process and improved supply of skills.

The primary target group is companies in industries with an unequal gender distribution and large recruitment needs. These industries are the forest industry, the engineering industry and ICT, which are represented in the project by the cluster organizations Paper Province, IUC / Stål & Verkstad and Compare.

The project has five sub-goals. Two of them are about getting individuals in the under-represented group to become interested in and apply for training in technical professions. Two other sub-goals are that corporate culture and work environment and how they can be made attractive to all groups. To gain insights from a sector dominated by women, the project participants also collaborate with the health service in the region.

Project name: Attraktionskraft Värmland

Project Coordinator: Region Värmland

Funding: Region Värmland

Partners: Paper Province, Stiftelsen Compare, IUC/Stål & Verkstad, Paper Province, Region Värmland, Karlstad municipality,  Säffle municipality, Filipstad municipality and Kristinehamns municipality

End date: 2024


Malin Hildén

Communications Officer

+46 (0)70 219 08 98