Plans for the world’s first plant dedicated to the production of bio-based, PFAS-free membranes

The bio-based membrane company, Cellfion, sets sights on future milestones in the clean energy industry: Anticipated build of the World’s First Bio-based, PFAS-Free Membrane Production Plant and the Launch of first-generation membranes.

Stockholm, Sweden – In a pioneering move towards sustainable manufacturing, Cellfion announces plans for the world’s first plant dedicated to the production of bio-based, PFAS-free membranes. The primary objective is twofold: to establish an industrial scale pilot line and to facilitate the sale of products in commercial volumes.

Cellfion’s biobased membrane

This production line will serve as a significant milestone, paving the way for the construction of Cellfion’s factory in the forthcoming years.

“Cellfion’s cellulose-based fluorine free membranes open a new chapter in the field of proton-conducting membranes. Based on promising electrical properties the next development steps including fuel cell tests have been defined to quickly reach reliable and reproducible membranes and MEAs (membrane electrode assembly)”, says Dr. Albert Hammerschmidt, Former Director for PEM fuel Cell at Siemens.

Driving the transition towards green energy

Ion-selective membranes are pivotal components driving the transition towards green energy through applications such as PEM fuel cells, electrolysers, and large-scale battery technologies such as flow batteries. They play a pivotal role, influencing operational efficiency and the longevity of these energy solutions, thus holding the key to the future of hydrogen and battery industries. The potential applications for these ion-selective membranes extend beyond the energy sector, encompassing fields such as water and air filtration, unlocking a wide array of possibilities.

The prevailing challenge confronting current membrane technology primarily stems from their reliance on “forever chemicals,” with the collective name PFAS. With the European Union poised to phase out these substances in the coming years, the industry faces potential disruption unless novel, sustainable alternatives emerge to replace the current status quo. Cellfion’s groundbreaking solution centers on utilizing cellulose extracted from trees. This approach not only offers an environmentally responsible substitute but also presents a more scalable, economically viable and adaptable solution to meet the industry’s evolving needs.

The ever-nearing ban of PFAS materials combined with the scarcity of membranes commercially available has driven the company’s development and will see the company release their first-generation products already in 2024, following a successful equity injection and establishment of the pilot plant.

About Cellfion

Cellfion emerged in 2021 as a result of over a decade of research conducted at KTH and Linköping University. The company is dedicated to advancing the field of electrochemical energy applications through the development and production of innovative PFAS-free, bio-based membranes and nanoparticle dispersions. The growing team currently consists of 11 dedicated individuals backed by a Board of Directors and investors with extensive industry experience. Current investors are e.g. Voima Ventures, Almi Green Tech, Klimatet Invest, LiU Invest & KTH Holding, and private investor Hans Hentzell.