Paper Province speaker at the world’s largest cluster conference

Clusters from all over the world gathered at TCI 2019 – the world’s largest cluster conference. This time, Belgian Antwerp hosted the conference and Paper Province was there.

“This year’s theme suited us very well because it was about sustainability,” says Paul Nemes, Vice President of Paper Province.

It was the 22nd consecutive year that the global organization TCI Networks organized the large meeting place. Over three days, October 8-10, experts from all over the world gathered to share the latest in cluster development.

“It was a good context to showcase Paper Province and meet important players in the cluster world,” says Paul Nemes.

The conference focused heavily on the role of clusters in the ongoing climate crisis.

“It was about what clusters should be for actors in the society we want to live in. Many interesting speakers talked about the future and clusters’ role in development. In the end, it’s all about creating business and growth around member companies without jeopardizing the environment,” says Paul Nemes.

Held a workshop

Paper Province held part of a circular economy workshop.

“We talked about the role of clusters as driving in the transition to a fossil-free society. There were interesting discussions around our table,” says Paul Nemes.

Paper Province traveled to Antwerp with the project The Bioeconomy Region. The project is to work together with key players in Sweden and Norway to accelerate the development of forest bioeconomy.

“It was one of the issues we highlighted at the conference. The cross-border collaboration in The Bioeconomy Region adds added value in how we tackle environmental challenges,” says Paul Nemes.