Paper Province part of the ROSEWOOD4.0 knowledge platform for regional forest innovation

The EU project ROSEWOOD4.0 now launches a new repository for best practices and innovative digital solutions aiming to revolutionise the European forestry and wood sector. The open portal is available as a result of the project in which Paper Province has been an active partner.

Paper Province represents Sweden in the ROSEWOOD4.0 project and is a part of the project’s North Europe Hub which also covers Finland, Norway, Denmark, and the Baltic countries.

This initiative, funded by Horizon 2020, aims to harness digital solutions and boosts knowledge transfer connecting multiple actors along the forest value chain to reinforce the sustainability of forest resilience and wood mobilisation in Europe. An important milestone in this journey is the newly released beta version of a digital platform that simplifies sharing knowledge about sustainable, efficient, and data-driven forest management.

Expanding collaboration

Gunnar Hellerström

“This is yet another step in the expanding collaboration web that Paper Province and other important enablers in Europe are creating to promote sustainable forest bioeconomy,” says Gunnar Hellerström, Project Manager at Paper Province. “We believe in building bridges that connect forest owners, innovators, scientists, technology providers, brand owners, and other stakeholders who can benefit from new perspectives and partnerships that utilize the possibilities of the forest in a sustainable way. ROSEWOOD4.0 and the platform are a part of realising that.”

The new tool is called Knowledge Platform for Regional Forest Innovation and is free to use. Its target group is forestry practitioners, from the public and private sectors to policymakers and researchers, to any individual interested in forestry.

The main objective of the platform is to provide easy access to usable information in the form of 260 factsheets highlighting outstanding practices and innovations in forestry from more than 15 European countries. The online repository helps direct sharing and transfer of these practices and innovations to practitioners in forestry and wood industries all over Europe. The ever-growing platform also contains videos and additional materials, as well as contact details of the organisations who have developed the solutions.

“One of the most valuable outcomes for us so far in the Rosewood4.0 project, is that we have strengthened our relations with important stakeholders, particularly in the Nordic countries. We are learning from other and as well as building a foundation for future collaboration that will be most useful,” says Gunnar Hellerström.

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