Paper Province attends the Madrid climate summit

Paper Province recently participated in the climate summit COP25 in Madrid. The meeting was recognized worldwide and became a perfect opportunity to put the spotlight on our innovative region.

– It is important to point out our region’s leading position in sustainability and bioeconomy, says Gunnar Hellerström, project manager at Paper Province.

The UN’s recent climate summit in Madrid was a hot topic in the media. Partly because the environmental activist Greta Thunberg was participating to show how urgent it is to take the climate issues seriously. Värmland county also had representatives in Madrid to talk about the climate impact from a regional perspective. In addition to Paper Province, Region Värmland and the companies Re:newcell, Biosorbe and BVT Valve Solutions attended.

Showcasing sustainable innovations

Gunnar Hellerström of Paper Province together with Erik Josephsson at Biosorbe, Swedish Ambassador to Madrid Teppo Tauriainen and Lars-Erik Löfström, Biosorbe.

Biosorbe was one of the innovative companies that joined the delegation to show the world that it is possible to do business without affecting the climate.

– It is exciting and gratifying that a newly started company like Biosorbe gets the opportunity to present itself to the world’s leaders, says Lars-Erik Sjögren, consultant and co-owner.

Biosorbe’s unique biomaterial, GreenAll, cleans up oil spills in water and on land. The paper-like material provides a more environmentally friendly and easy way to sanitize oil spills, compared to traditional methods. The product is currently being manufactured on a pilot scale and will shortly expand into the market.

– The product has unique capacities and can play a significant role in re-establishing polluted environments in the world, says Erik Josephsson, CEO of Biosorbe.