Welcome to the final of “What wood you do” innovation competition
Date: 24/9

Welcome to the final of “What wood you do” innovation competition

Welcome to the final of the international innovation competition What wood you do on 24 September.

The final is broadcast live from Värmland’s museum in Karlstad and you get to experience the six finalists’ pitches and the award ceremony online, conveniently from your own computer.

WHEN: 24 September, live-streamed between 1 – 5 PM (CET) with a 45 minute break at 3.15 for the jury’s deliberation
WHERE: Online via whatwoodyoudo.eu/thefinal
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13:00-13:15 introduction to the competition final
13:15-15:15 Pitching from 6 finalists, Q&A and surveys from the public
15:15-16:00 Jury consideration and deliberation / live stream interviews of finalists
16:00-17:00 Prize-giving and award ceremony

The finalists

The competition was launched in March to find new solutions that accelerate the transition to a fossil-free society. Six finalists have been selected from 50 entries from 10 countries:

Biosorbe: A cellulose-based technology for water and air filters that removes fats, bacteria and oils

Wood Tube: Patented paper studs that replace steel when constructing interior walls, which saves money, decreases greenhouse gas emissions, and improves the working conditions for the carpenters.

FineCell: New technology to produce nanocellulose in the form of a dry powder – easier to integrate and use in packaging and other industries.

Nordluft: A drone-based spreading system for forestry and agriculture, combining high capacity drones, a base system truck and AI-powered controls system

Arboair: A forest scanning technology to detect infected or stressed tree with 4K cameras and color shift analysis

Silvibio: A novel biobased seed coating, which provides a source of moisture and sustained nutrition to improve germination by up to 40% in dry conditions.

The jury consists of representatives from Stora Enso, Paper Province, Gunnar Sundblad’s Foundation, Business Värmland and Sveaskog.

Read more at whatwoodyoudo.eu