Meet your future employees

Are you looking for future employees? Or are you a student and want to work for a sustainable world? Hotspot at Karlstad University connects companies with the skills of tomorrow.

Hotspot is a labor market fair held at Karlstad University in February each year. There, students and companies can make valuable contacts. Maybe you will find your next intern or summer job there? Or perhaps the topic of your degree project will fall into place?

Meet students with us

As one of the main sponsors of Hotspot, we try to gather all our member companies in the same part of the showrooms. This way, students can get a better overview of all the different jobs our cluster and branch has to offer. It it also a good way to tell the story about how we work together to contribute to a sustainable society.


Annica Åman

Communications Manager and Team Leader

+46 (0)70 250 94 43