Nature’s annual resource budget is spent

Earth Overshoot Day happened on 22 August – the day when humanity spent the world’s resource budget for the year. This year it was three weeks later than 2019 – a trend that has never been seen before.

Mankind is using more of nature’s resources than it can afford. For each year that passes, the day that our yearly resource budget overshoots occur earlier. But this year the day happened three weeks later than expected. The last time Overshoot Day occurred as late as this was in 2005, when the date was August 25th.

Positive trend break is not enough

Covid19 and pandemic restrictions that have been implemented around the world play a part. They have reduced carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and contributed to a reduction in global deforestation.
Although Overshoot Day falls three weeks later than predicted by the global Footprint Network, it is far from the results required to achieve a sustainable planet.

The negative trend could catch up with us until next year if we do not continue to work towards climate-smarter solutions meaning that we cannot borrow resources from future generations. Because when the world’s resources are exhausted, they stay that way for good.

Photo: PRNewsfoto/Global Footprint Network