Forty years in a friendly spirit

Forty years in the industry should be celebrated. Paper Province member company Nykvist Skogs did it in the family way: with employees, visitors and residents in Gräsmark. “That’s how we want it, to meet everyone with a smile,” says CEO Pär Skinnargård.

On June 29, Nykvist Skogs celebrated 40 years as a company. As in previous years, it coincided with Rural Day in Gräsmark, also known as Bakelsens dag. With one difference – this year there were 120 people more.

“The day of the pastry is something that has emerged. We started serving them several years ago at the company’s anniversary, then it got bigger and bigger and last year we had around 380 visitors. This year we strengthened it a little because of the anniversary and then it came to 500 people”, says Pär Skinnargård with a laugh.

15 meters of roll cake turned into delicate pastry by the hand of the personel att Nykvist Skogs.

Lina Edin and Kjell Boström during the 40th anniversary on June 29.

Activities for the kids

Yes, the jump tower, popcorn machine and horse and carriage for the kids certainly did their best to attract people, but the big draw was of course the pastry. The summery roller cake baking that goes by the name “Nykvistbakelsen”.

“It’s really just a simple roll cake that we serve freshly baked with cream and strawberries. What was funny this year is that we had to order a 15 meter roll cake that three people served constantly for four hours”, says Pär.

500 people came to the anniversary of Nykvist Skogs, an event that was highly appreciated.

“I think it is important that everyone here in society views our company positively, in our activities everyone should be able to participate, whether you are a forest owner, a tourist or a resident. It’s about creating our brand, not through strategies, but through meetings with people. Those who come to us in the office are not always forest owners, but they still get a cap if they want it”, says Pär.

He also thinks that good business is about feeling safe. That customers see the staff as a friend, rather than a strict business relationship. Especially if it is a situation they are unaccustomed to, as it is easy to feel left out as a customer.

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