European food chain reduces plastic usage with bio-based absorbent from Sweden

Cellcomb’s latest innovation Cellsorb CIRCULAR helps the European food industry to reduce non-recyclable plastics in fresh food packaging and fight the climate change.

The European food chain Biedronka, known for their strong commitment towards fighting climate change and finding steps towards sustainable solutions in packaging, are now replacing the old generation of absorbers by introducing Cellsorb CIRCULAR in their food packaging.

The result, according to Biedronka estimations, is so far, a reduction of 55 tons of plastics annually and is consistent with Goal 1 of the Plastic Pact Network, related to the identification and elimination of excessive and problematic plastic packaging through redesign, innovation and alternative delivery models.

Cellsorb CIRCULAR, a Swedish innovation from Cellcomb, is the new generation of 4-side sealed absorbers for reducing excess liquids in fresh food packaging. Cellsorb CIRCULAR is made of cellulose only and helps reducing plastics in food packaging. Biedronka has, together with the Cellcomb partner Enverde, been important partners in the development of Cellsorb CIRCULAR.