Duni makes environmentally friendly take away packaging of grass

Paper made out of of grass? Yes, that’s what Duni has done with the Bloom concept. Recently, the company, whose factory Rexcell is one of Paper Province’s member companies, began selling organic take-away packaging made of the groundbreaking environmental material grass paper.

The recyclable paper was energy efficient to produce, only two liters of water was needed to produce one tonne of pulp fiber. A plastic-free meal can be perceived as positive, both aesthetically and morally. The grass that Duni uses for its grass paper does not cause allergies and is found in large quantities where it is harvested locally in Germany.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to offer locally produced biomaterials. We strongly believe that fiber-based and locally produced natural materials are the best choice when it comes to sustainability”, says Elisabeth Gierow at Duni.

Minimizes environmental impact

The supplier itself describes it as nature’s magic – from grass, to seeds, to flour, to good bread loaves and pastries. The packages come in different sizes and simplify the service, make the food look good and help minimize the environmental impact.

“For thousands of years, bakers have transformed nature’s raw materials into wonderful treats. With this concept, bakers can deepen their relationship with nature. Grass is one of the planet’s most sustainable resources”, says Duni on the Bloom concept page.