Discover innovative software for planning forest management

Paper Province in collaboration with the ROSEWODD4.0 network and project celebrates spring by taking a look at innovative software for planning forest management.

Paper Province is an active partner in the ROSEWOOD4.0 network, that harnesses the most innovative digital solutions in forestry and drives knowledge transfer to connect multiple actors along the forest value chain with the aim of strengthening the sustainability of wood mobilisation, forest management and the wood industry in Europe.

Every month, the European-wide network presents a selection of digital applications and best practices collected in the Knowledge Platform for Regional Forest Innovation to offer forestry and wood industry stakeholders more opportunities to improve and modernise their activities and make them more sustainable and efficient. The March issue highlights software for planning forest management.

LasInfo – Integrated information system for national parks, nature conservation and forest management

Country: Poland

LasInfo is a full-scale management support system for managers of forests and natural resources in various organisational and legal contexts. It is a comprehensive solution which includes a centralised data management module, geographic information system, desktop and mobile device applications, support for all forest management processes and integration of information flow throughout the organisation in various settings.

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WoodsApp – Your forest in your pocket

Country: Finland, Germany

WoodsApp simplifies forest management by bringing together information from multiple sources in a smart and easy-to-use application. As a result, this technology enables both forest owners and forest owners’ associations to have an overview of the state of the forest at all times. This helps to identify forest damage in time and to practice long-term sustainable forestry, even in small private forests. The application is supported by desktop computers as well as mobile devices.

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WoodForce – Forestry software for loggers, forest contractors and forest companies

Country: Finland

WoodForce is forestry software for loggers, other forestry contractors and forestry companies. It is designed to streamline forestry operations such as timber harvesting, silviculture, and forest improvement. WoodForce consists of a web-based office management component, a mobile application for field operations and an on-board harvester application. The software does not require a network connection to operate.

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ForLog – Invoicing and management of forestry sites

Country: France

ForLog is an application that allows you to manage forestry works from the first contact to invoicing. All the information necessary for monitoring forestry operations (production time of field teams, quantities produced, management of timber stocks and supplies, purchase, and sale prices) can be memorised. This tool helps to save time and accuracy and offers better visibility of the profitability of forestry sites and provides the user with daily management indicators to help make decisions.

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