Waste from mills become valuable, new products

Paper Province is one of twelve participants in the project MultiBio. The main goal is to develop a new concept – a multi-bio refinery – to produce three renewable bio-based products: Bio-hydrogen, bio-plastics and fish food.

Potentially, the project could meet some of the most important Swedish environmental objectives and contribute to the shift to a sustainable circular bio-economy.


The hydrogen can be used as an energy carrier and consequently replace fossil fuels, resulting in significant effects on carbon emissions, air quality and the reduction of acidification.

The bio-plastics could be used to replace fossil-based ones, which would reduce the carbon footprint. Being biodegradable, the material is also attractive for new, interesting adaptions, also in the paper industry.

Currently, protein for fish food is extracted from ocean fish or tropically cultivated soy. However, the fish food ingredient from the MultiBio refinery could contribute to reduced over-fishing and soy production if used as an alternative protein source.


Magnus Persson


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