Innostep is an initiative to take another step in the development of Paper Province as an innovation platform. With the project, we want to create stronger attractiveness for innovative companies, new and old.

The Innostep projects consists of several parts that together will lead to an increased inflow and stronger luminosity on Värmland as a node in forest bioeconomy. The largest part is about establishing an international innovation competition called What wood you do, to create a flow of new business ideas to the region and attract the best talents.

The project will also create a stronger collaboration with the incubator STING Bioeconomy. Värmland has all the prerequisites to create a concept that is useful for both scale-up companies and established companies. The goal is to get companies to stay, create new business, take advantage of the region’s strong industry presence, and to create a greater influx of cases to STING Bioeconomy.

Within the framework of Innostep, we will also make more efforts to increase the opportunity for capital for companies in the early stages. We do this by investigating and creating conditions for an international fund based on forest owners’ capital.

Project name: Innostep

Project coodinator: Paper Province

Financiers: Länsstyrelsen Värmland och Region Värmland

End date: 2021-12-31

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Annica Åman

Communications Manager and Team Leader

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