Fossil Free Laminates - FFLAM

The unique test bed Fossil Free Laminate, FFLAM, is developed by some 20 stakeholders. The intention is to produce fossil-free laminates that can replace or reduce the use of fossil-based packaging material.

The project is financed by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova, together with some twenty project participants. This includes researchers, paper manufacturers, bio-plastics manufacturers, printing companies and brand owners.

FFLAM will help reduce the use of fossil-based packaging materials, reduce micro-plastic emissions and increase the use of fiber-based materials.

The three-year project is about designing and realizing the testbed, which will make companies steps from idea to commercial product considerably easier. Stakeholders can use the testing facilities at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden in Stockholm, UMV Coating Systems in Säffle and Brobygrafiska Education in Sunne to develop and test innovations that contribute to environmentally friendly food packaging.

Project name: Fossil Free Laminates – FFLAM

Project coordinator: Paper Province

End date: 2021-09-30

Financier: Vinnova

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Peter Edberg

Project Manager and Team Leader

+46 (0)73 061 75 17