Chairman Ola Brundin is proud of the region

Chariman Ola Brundin is proud of his habitant area, the region of Värmland in centre Sweden. He have had the assignment as chairman of Paper Province since May 2019, and has a clear picture of what´s important for the cluster in the future.

“Employees at our member companies should feel that they are investing in, they should be offered training at several different levels”, he says.

Ola Brundin, professionally a section manager at AFRY, has a solid background in Paper Province and has belonged to the cluster through his employment since its inception in 1999.

– I have been involved throughout the transition from the initial focus on paper production to today’s wider business that is realizing forest bioeconomy, he says.

Solid background

“Värmland is really a great hub in bioeconomy”, says Paper Province chairman Ola Brundin. Photo: Øyvind Lund

Ola Brundin has a solid background as a consultant and sees it as an advantage to know many in the industry, both in his position as section manager and as chairman of Paper Province. There is a great deal of expertise in the region and industry knowledge makes the contacts smooth.

– Värmland is really a great hub in bioeconomy. We have a large concentration of companies and networks. I`m especially proud of this region when I meet companies abroad and they get impressed when I tell where I come from, says Ola.

– We have opportunites to a good life, with great nature and the simplicity of a medium-sized city. It is appreciated for example by indigenous engineers and personnel with cutting-edge expertise in the industry, who could have chosen similar jobs in Canada.

Ola Brundins employer AFRY is a merger between the companies Pöyry and ÅF. Together they became one of the Nordic region’s largest consulting companies. Globally, AFRY employs close to 17,000 people and has projects in 100 countries.