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Moelven challenges innovators to find sustainable packaging

19 September, 2023

To contribute to the annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by five percent, Moelven seeks a sustainable solution through an international BioBoosters innovation challenge. They now invite startups, companies, innovators, and researchers to propose a smart packaging solution for their wood-based interior panels. Moelven is a Scandinavian industrial group that produces building products and systems…

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Absolut Vodka bottle gets fibre-based screw cap from Sweden

27 June, 2022

The startup company Blue Ocean Closures from Sweden is partnering with The Absolut Company to develop an innovative, fibre-based screw cap for the iconic Absolut Vodka bottle. Now the company is growing and is ready to recruit more employees. Blue Ocean Closures, a member company of the world leading bioeconomy cluster Paper Province, is the…

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Paper Province and CRIBE strengthen cooperation in the bioeconomy between Sweden and Ontario, Canada

10 June, 2022

With similar conditions and resources in the form renewable forest raw material and a common desire to work together, Paper Province has identified opportunities for collaboration with Canadian bioeconomy stakeholders.  For two days in early June, Paper Province welcomed a delegation of some twenty people from Canada to together explore possibilities for collaboration in the…

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Woodbe uses old technology to build with cross-laminated timber

29 September, 2021

Woodbe Engineering from Sweden uses an old proven technology in a new way in order to build smarter with cross-laminated timber. The innovation reduces the construction industry’s climate footprint and improves the working environment for construction workers. Cross-laminated timber is an example of a building material that is growing increasingly popular in the construction industry thanks to its…

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Unique meetings ensure future competence

18 December, 2019

Two times a year, Swedish engineer students and the forest industry get a unique opportunity to meet. By inviting students to prominent workplaces, they get a glimpse of possible careers in a growing branch in search of new skills. And it is effective: the study trip leaves 95% interested in working in the industry. As…

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Forest raw material substitutes plastic on the football field

5 August, 2019

Artificial lawns are major environmental hazards. According to figures from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, they release around 2,000 tonnes of microparticles annually. Some of this waste is spread in the environment. In the research project BioPitch, in which Karlstad Municipality, among others, participates, we look at the possibility of using degradable forest raw materials…

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Paper Province’s CEO one of top three cluster managers in Europe

15 May, 2019

Paper Province’s CEO Maria Hollander was shortlisted for the European Cluster Manager of the Year award this week. “It is a great honor to be among the top three candidates for this prestigious award”, says Maria Hollander. Making it to the finals of the European Cluster Manager of the Year award means participating in a…

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Highlights from the conference People and Networks Matter – Enabling Sustainable Bioeconomy Transition

5 April, 2019

Paper Province participated in the international conference “People and Networks Matter”, held at Karlstad University, Sweden on March 27-28 2019. People need to meet and exchange knowledge, experiences and build networks is a necessity. The conference People and networks matter – enabling sustainable bioeconomy transition, which was held 27-28 March, constituted an arena for networking,…

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