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Moelven Wood and Billerud collaborate to develop a new sustainable packaging

21 December, 2023

Moelven Wood and Billerud are joining forces to examine the possibility of developing a new packaging solution for Moelven’s interior panels. The goal is to create a paper-based solution to replace the current plastic shrink wrap. The collaboration stems from an innovation competition organized by Paper Province. In September, 19 companies submitted 22 solution proposals…

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Moelven challenges innovators to find sustainable packaging

19 September, 2023

To contribute to the annual reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by five percent, Moelven seeks a sustainable solution through an international BioBoosters innovation challenge. They now invite startups, companies, innovators, and researchers to propose a smart packaging solution for their wood-based interior panels. Moelven is a Scandinavian industrial group that produces building products and systems…

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Sweden and Canada strengthen cooperation for forest-based innovations

14 June, 2023

In mid-June, Paper Province and Sting Bioeconomy travel to Toronto and Vancouver together with seven Swedish start-ups to explore collaborations around forest-based innovations. The trip deepens an ongoing collaboration and creates business opportunities for companies in both Sweden and Canada. The start-ups participating in the trip 15 – 21 June are Biosorbe, Bright Day Graphene,…

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Trend spotting in Japan reveals differences in packaging size and materials

2 December, 2022

What does sustainable packaging mean to you? In Sweden, we tend to think of fossil-free packaging made from renewable and natural raw materials. In Japan, sustainability means small packages that preserve the food; the material is secondary. In mid-October, a group from Paper Province travelled to Japan to participate in Asia’s largest packaging fair –…

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Canada and Sweden are hoping for new green partnerships

26 October, 2022

Several significant connections have been established between Swedish startups and Canadian companies who were present at the Swedish-Canadian Innovation Days in Toronto at the end of September. Paper Province was there to represent the members and strengthen an already existing collaboration. “A close relationship between the two countries is of great importance to accelerate a…

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Swedish-Norwegian study trip brought new perspectives to Europe

4 July, 2022

What happens when key players within digitalisation meet across countries and industries? Broadened views, new knowledge, valuable contacts, and spiring inspiration to apply in your own business. This became clear when a European delegation was invited to experience the cream of the crop of the Swedish and Norwegian forest industry. “I expected to make new…

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Lignin plant accessible from all over the world

7 February, 2022

Thanks to a digitization of LignoCity, the test and development facility for the forest raw material lignin, geographical boundaries are a thing of the past. It is now possible to tour the plant from all over the world and at the same time get an insight into the fantastic world of lignin. Lignin is the…

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Highlights from the year with connection to digital forest innovations

21 December, 2021

Smart digitisation can make the forest industry more efficient and sustainable. Let us take a glimpse at some exciting and promising solutions from around Europe that can contribute to digitising the forest industry. Since 2020 Paper Province has been an active partner in the ROSEWOOD4.0 network. In collaboration with several European actors we harness the…

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Paper Province part of the ROSEWOOD4.0 knowledge platform for regional forest innovation

26 November, 2021

The EU project ROSEWOOD4.0 now launches a new repository for best practices and innovative digital solutions aiming to revolutionise the European forestry and wood sector. The open portal is available as a result of the project in which Paper Province has been an active partner. Paper Province represents Sweden in the ROSEWOOD4.0 project and is…

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Paper Province to showcase Nordic wood construction at the world exhibition in Dubai

28 October, 2021

In early November, Paper Province travels to the Expo 2020 world exhibition in Dubai, to promote sustainable construction with Swedish timber. “Wood, as a sustainably grown and renewable raw material, has great potential to accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral construction industry,” says Elin Appel, Project Manager at Paper Province, and coordinator of Paper Province’s…

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