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Lixea recives €2 million to scale up production at LignoCity

8 June, 2021

Lixea, a London-based startup company, has a unique process that distinguishes cellulose and lignin from biomass. The company has now been granted €2 million from the EU to scale up the production at LignoCity’s premises in Bäckhammar, Sweden. Lixea has developed a patented process that, with the help of new, cheap, and environmentally friendly solvents,…

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Paper Province and the regional forest bioeconomy get noticed on Portuguese television

3 May, 2021

From Lisbon to Stockholm. This is the name of the program series on the Portuguese TV channel RTP, which draws attention to the power of innovation in Värmland through, among others, Paper Province, LignoCity and The Wood Region. The interviews with Maria Ölmhult, project manager for LignoCity, Paul Nemes, vice president at Paper Province, Gunnar…

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An action plan for a digital Värmland takes shape

29 March, 2021

Värmland is collaborating with two other European regions within the framework of the EU project DigiTeRRI to support digital development. Two out of three workshops have been held and an action plan is starting to take shape. Around 50 representatives of companies, the public sector, and organisations came together to identify needs and generate ideas…

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An exciting new way of producing biomass is being scaled up

9 October, 2020

The innovative London-based company Lixea has a new and revolutionary method of separating different types of biomass. Recently, the European Union has granted Lixea SEK 25 million to build and develop a pilot plant in Bäckhammar, Sweden to scale up the process. “We are very excited about building our pilot plant in Bäckhammar. The synergies with…

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Arboair is the winner of the innovation competition What Wood You Do

27 September, 2020

On September 24, the final of the international innovation competition “What Wood You Do”, was decided in Karlstad. The winner was Arboair, which uses drones, colour shift analysis and artificial intelligence to scan the forest for infected or stressed trees. Bark beetle infested trees are one of the most costly and fastest growing problems in…

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Competition finalist SilviBio’s seed capsule increases the germination rate of conifers

22 September, 2020

SilviBio is the sixth finalist in the innovation competition What Wood You Do. They have invented a bio-based survival capsule for tree seedlings that boosts the germination by up to 40 percent. On Thursday, September 24, they will pitch their idea to the jury with a chance to win EUR 25,000. The need to grow…

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Competition finalist FineCell turns cosmetics and paint green

21 September, 2020

FineCell’s innovation can replace fossil-based plastics with cellulose powders and hydrogels in many applications. Now they are one of six young companies that have advanced to the final of the international idea competition What Wood You Do. On September 24th, they will pitch their idea to the jury with a chance to win EUR 25,000….

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The competition finalist Biosorbe purifies water and air from oil and bacteria

18 September, 2020

It’s time to present another finalist in the international innovation competition What Wood You Do. Biosorbe’s unique cellulose-based materials absorb oil from water and air. They are one of six finalists to present their idea on September 24th, with a chance to win EUR 25,000. The company Biosorbe has developed a unique cellulose-based method that…

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Special edition of magazine about the project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

16 September, 2020

Paper Province is one of many partners in the project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis – BIS – that promotes industrial symbiosis in the Baltic Sea region. This summer the project was featured in a special edition of the magazine ‘Environment in St. Petersburg’, addressing the topic industrial symbiosis with various articles about its potential to create…

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Competition finalist Arboair is rapidly scanning and mapping forests with artificial intelligence

15 September, 2020

Arboair is one of six finalists in our international innovation competition What Wood You Do. Their groundbreaking technology to scan the forest makes the industry significantly more efficient and takes Arboair all the way to the final on 24 September, with a chance to win EUR 25,000. Arboair has developed a scanning method for detecting…

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