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Paper Province and the regional forest bioeconomy get noticed on Portuguese television

3 May, 2021

From Lisbon to Stockholm. This is the name of the program series on the Portuguese TV channel RTP, which draws attention to the power of innovation in Värmland through, among others, Paper Province, LignoCity and The Wood Region. The interviews with Maria Ölmhult, project manager for LignoCity, Paul Nemes, vice president at Paper Province, Gunnar…

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Mikael 3D-prints innovative ski pole using raw materials from the forest

12 April, 2021

A ski pole that enables cross-country skiers to increase their speed even more than is currently possible. This is what cross-country skier and innovator Mikael Östberg is busy developing. Thanks to a partnership with The Wood Region, a Swedish test centre, his innovation could be ready by next season. “The biggest advantages are won when…

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Biohydrogen created from purification water at the mills

2 December, 2020

Exciting experiments in progress! Organic pollutants in the wastewater of a pulp and paper mill can be converted into climate-friendly hydrogen gas. “This is a real win-win situation for the mills and the environment. I am proud that we have taken this from lab to pilot scale,” says Sudhanshu Pawar. Sudhanshu Pawar is a researcher…

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Competition finalist SilviBio’s seed capsule increases the germination rate of conifers

22 September, 2020

SilviBio is the sixth finalist in the innovation competition What Wood You Do. They have invented a bio-based survival capsule for tree seedlings that boosts the germination by up to 40 percent. On Thursday, September 24, they will pitch their idea to the jury with a chance to win EUR 25,000. The need to grow…

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The competition finalist Biosorbe purifies water and air from oil and bacteria

18 September, 2020

It’s time to present another finalist in the international innovation competition What Wood You Do. Biosorbe’s unique cellulose-based materials absorb oil from water and air. They are one of six finalists to present their idea on September 24th, with a chance to win EUR 25,000. The company Biosorbe has developed a unique cellulose-based method that…

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Special edition of magazine about the project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

16 September, 2020

Paper Province is one of many partners in the project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis – BIS – that promotes industrial symbiosis in the Baltic Sea region. This summer the project was featured in a special edition of the magazine ‘Environment in St. Petersburg’, addressing the topic industrial symbiosis with various articles about its potential to create…

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Nordluft – the second finalist in the “What Wood You Do?” competition

11 September, 2020

It’s time to present the next finalist in the international innovation competition What Wood You Do, in our search for the next big climate-smart forest idea. Nordluft is one of six finalists have been selected from over 50 entries, to present their idea to the jury on September 24th, with a chance to win EUR…

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Nature’s annual resource budget is spent

26 August, 2020

Earth Overshoot Day happened on 22 August – the day when humanity spent the world’s resource budget for the year. This year it was three weeks later than 2019 – a trend that has never been seen before. Mankind is using more of nature’s resources than it can afford. For each year that passes, the…

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Paper Province companies collaborate for environmentally friendly oil decontamination

14 May, 2020

The logistics company VSV Frakt and the developing company Biosorbe have started working together to help the environment. Hauliers are testing a new kind of forest-based absorbent to clean up oil spills from vehicles in a climate-smart way. “Through the collaboration, we close the cycle for locally grown forest in a sustainable way”, says Hanna…

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Innovation challenge: sustainable packaging innovation for wet baby-wipes

13 May, 2020

Through RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Procter & Gamble launches an innovation challenge in which the company calls for new concepts for making environmentally friendly wet baby-wipes, which are traditionally made of plastic. Do you have a solution that could work? Objective This challange from Procter & Gamble outlines the need to develop consumer-preferred and…

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