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Melker of Sweden available in the USA

21 October, 2021

In early springtime 2022, paddlers of the Great Lakes region will get the opportunity to experience sleek and stylish kayaks from Melker of Sweden, as Offshore Marine / Paddling Warehouse in Chicago introduces the brand in the USA. Swedish-based Melker of Sweden is a member of Paper Province and was founded in 2015, with the…

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A living lab to evaluate side-streams

20 September, 2021

How can you tell if an industrial side stream has enough potential to create an economic and environmental value? By putting it to the test in a living lab. A recent activity at Paper Province shows that combining interviews with live sessions is an optimal approach when co-creating user-driven innovation in a living lab. Earlier…

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Increased profitability with the development of services

9 July, 2021

More than 30 companies have been helped to increase their profitability and to meet the challenges of the future by courses in service-driven corporate development, arranged by Paper Province. “The idea is to provide additional knowledge for companies that work in manufacturing and explore how they can add services to increase their competitiveness”, says Per…

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Valmet receives the ninth tissue line order from Hayat Kimya

Valmet will supply the ninth tissue line delivery, including an extensive automation package, to Turkish tissue producer Hayat Kimya. The company has decided to invest in a new tissue machine at their new mill in Russia, with a target to meet the increasing demand for their high-quality tissue products. The new line will add 70,000…

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Co-creating symbiotic innovation in the living lab

6 July, 2021

The EU-funded Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project aims to build knowledge and capacity that supports and accelerates industrial symbiosis development in the Baltic Sea Region. A recent field study in the Swedish forestry sector shows that a method called living lab can be an effective tool for accomplishing this. Living lab is a method for co-creating…

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Vestas strengthens collaboration with wood technology company Modvion

28 June, 2021

Vestas, the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, is strengthening its collaboration with Swedish wood technology company Modvion through a recent directed share issue. “Our collaboration with Modvion holds significant potential to help accelerate the energy transition and further increase sustainability within the wind energy industry. Modvion’s towers are lighter than traditional ones and have…

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For Promiko, waste is a resource

14 June, 2021

Alan Werker and Simon Bengtsson are experts in environmentally smart and innovative technologies. Above all they know how to convert waste and wastewater into renewed resources – such as biobased and biodegradable plastics. New building blocks that are essential for a circular and sustainable society. Researchers Alan Werker and Simon Bengtsson are driven by passion…

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Students help minimize industrial waste products

8 June, 2021

Students at Karlstad University are learning about circular and sustainable industry in practice. This has been brought about by a new course created through a partnership between the University, Paper Province, and stakeholders in Torsby Municipality. Over the past year, energy and environmental engineering students in Karlstad, Sweden, have been able to implement circular business…

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Lixea recives €2 million to scale up production at LignoCity

Lixea, a London-based startup company, has a unique process that distinguishes cellulose and lignin from biomass. The company has now been granted €2 million from the EU to scale up the production at LignoCity’s premises in Bäckhammar, Sweden. Lixea has developed a patented process that, with the help of new, cheap, and environmentally friendly solvents,…

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Anders Brolin from Stora Enso takes a leading position on the Paper Province board

4 June, 2021

Anders Brolin from Stora Enso has been elected as Paper Province’s new chairman of the board after the resigning Ola Brundin, AFRY. The announcement was made at Paper Province’s Annual General Meeting on May 21. Anders Brolin is Director, Group Innovation and R&D at Stora Enso with focus on research relations in Sweden. “I am…

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