The start of a journey towards a sustainable future

Since the start in 1999, we have taken initiatives that have strengthened the entire regional business community and the supply of skills in the forest industry. However, we are not content - the work continues.

Our corporate cluster with more than 100 member companies was started in 1999 by seven companies with a common need – recruiting competent staff. The initial need was later developed to the present Paper Province – where we collaborate to use forest raw materials to achieve a sustainable society.

Paper Province is constantly working to strengthen technology development and energy efficiency, which has resulted in several awards over the years.

Young people’s interest in the industry has increased thanks to our efforts and at the same time we have helped many innovators to develop their ideas.

Paper Province is now a world-leading cluster within the forest bio-economy. We will continue to be.


The Paper Province project starts


The Paper Province becomes an organisation with 20 member companies.

The technology club "Lusten" starts at Värmlands museum, a step in creating attractiveness for technology and paper technology in particular.


The investment at Karlstad Technology Center begins. A major investment in post-secondary education in a project in collaboration between Karlstad Municipality and The Paper Province.

The Paper Province launches The Packaging Greenhouse. In this stand-alone industrial research environment, customers can test different basic materials and raise their skills with the help of tailor-made and process-oriented training.


The Paper Province is one of the initiators of the The Packaging Arena project - later a member organisation - an innovative environment for consumer-driven packaging development.


The Paper Province is named Top 16 "Top European Clusters in High Innovation Regions" - the only one in Sweden.

The same year, The Paper Province launched the project The Energy Square - A new international center for energy efficiency in the paper and pulp industry - also a link between universities, institutes and companies.


The Paper Province is named a world-class European cluster, and gets ranked on the 100 list of the best clusters in the world, now with 90 member companies.


The Paper Province is named winner in Vinnova's competition for regions - Vinnväxt.


The Paper Province changes its name to Paper Province and changes its statutes so that the purpose of the association is now to be a global leader in forest-based bioeconomy.


Paper Province merges with Packaging Arena and gains important expertise in packaging development.


Paper Province is awarded with the EU's highest cluster award - Cluster Management Excellence Gold. Thanks to the gold label, the doors are opened for new projects and collaborations, both nationally and internationally.


Paper Province turns 20 and celebrates with an anniversary party together with Värmland's business community.