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Lixea recives €2 million to scale up production at LignoCity

8 June, 2021

Lixea, a London-based startup company, has a unique process that distinguishes cellulose and lignin from biomass. The company has now been granted €2 million from the EU to scale up the production at LignoCity’s premises in Bäckhammar, Sweden. Lixea has developed a patented process that, with the help of new, cheap, and environmentally friendly solvents,…

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Lignin plant accessible from all over the world

7 February, 2022

Thanks to a digitization of LignoCity, the test and development facility for the forest raw material lignin, geographical boundaries are a thing of the past. It is now possible to tour the plant from all over the world and at the same time get an insight into the fantastic world of lignin. Lignin is the…

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The future grows in the forest

22 December, 2021

“To achieve a green transition, we must dare to question and show new ways and contexts for our entrepreneurs. We must be courageous, open-minded and collaborative. This way, we promote innovation, sustainability, and long-term vision for the forest in the future”, says Sandra Sundbäck, CEO of Paper Province. The strategic idea of Paper Province is…

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Paper Province and the regional forest bioeconomy get noticed on Portuguese television

3 May, 2021

From Lisbon to Stockholm. This is the name of the program series on the Portuguese TV channel RTP, which draws attention to the power of innovation in Värmland through, among others, Paper Province, LignoCity and The Wood Region. The interviews with Maria Ölmhult, project manager for LignoCity, Paul Nemes, vice president at Paper Province, Gunnar…

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An exciting new way of producing biomass is being scaled up

9 October, 2020

The innovative London-based company Lixea has a new and revolutionary method of separating different types of biomass. Recently, the European Union has granted Lixea SEK 25 million to build and develop a pilot plant in Bäckhammar, Sweden to scale up the process. “We are very excited about building our pilot plant in Bäckhammar. The synergies with…

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Philipp wants to contribute to a better world

10 June, 2020

Of the fifty entries in the Paper Province innovation competition What wood you do, fourteen came from countries other than Sweden. One of them is “Get the most out of a tree”, submitted by Philipp Schlee from Germany. The innovation competition What wood you do created interest across Europe. Several of the submissions came from…

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Successful tests with forest-based alternatives to plastic

16 April, 2020

For more than six months, RenCom and MK Plastteknik have been collaborating to produce bio-based materials consisting of more raw material from the forest. Together they have successfully conducted tests on five different mixtures with modified lignin, called Renol. By using lignin, which is the tree’s natural glue, in bio-based materials such as bioplastics and…

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Mycorena takes fish food production from lab to tens of thousands of tonnes

5 August, 2019

Mycorena is first among the companies supported by the LignoCity2.0 project to reach the market faster with better results. Their fish feed made from waste streams from paper mills should now be scaled up from lab level to thousands of tonnes. Imagine a circular economy, where everything is used and nothing is wasted. One of…

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