Paper Province and the regional forest bioeconomy get noticed on Portuguese television

From Lisbon to Stockholm. This is the name of the program series on the Portuguese TV channel RTP, which draws attention to the power of innovation in Värmland through, among others, Paper Province, LignoCity and The Wood Region.

The interviews with Maria Ölmhult, project manager for LignoCity, Paul Nemes, vice president at Paper Province, Gunnar Hellerström, project manager at Paper Province and Pelle Stafshede, CEO of Melker of Sweden, let the viewers learn about how collaboration, EU funds and the forest bioeconomy contributes to the transition to a fossil-free society. The feature highlights regional strengths such as industrial wood construction and turning industrial residual streams like lignin and sawdust into new materials.

“What we want to do is to use that raw material – wood, the forest – in the best possible way. In order to transform society from a fossil-based society to a fossil-free society. We try to stimulate innovation and support and challenge our companies to develop new, smart, green products and services and materials.” Paul Nemes says to RTP.

The ongoing, EU-funded projects that are highlighted in the feature are Bioinno, Indbygg and Lignocity 2.0.

See the program here: